Venus Flytrap Care Instructions

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Here you can find care instructions we use to grow our various kinds of Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap)!

Venus flytrap care instructions Elio's Gaarden

Venus Flytrap

Watering: Venus Flytraps should be always moist. Use the tray method! Fill a tray with 0.5″ (1.27cm) to 1″ (2.54cm) of water and place the plant in the tray. Once the tray dries up refill with water. Flytraps can also benefit from becoming just barely moist, in order to kill off any fungus build-up in the pot.

Sunlight: Give your Venus Flytrap as much light as possible! Full sun locations are happy places for these plants. If this is not possible, they will settle for a very sunny windowsill.

Fertilizer: Do not add fertilizer. Instead, allow the plant to catch bugs or feed sparingly (fish food such as dried bloodworms work, but a plant outside, and even inside in some cases will catch enough to survive)

Humidity: Average relative humidity (home or outdoors) with the extra humidity provided by the tray method works best.

Repotting: Repot in the tail end of winter nearing spring, after the plant goes dormant. Try to avoid disturbing the roots.

Soil: Tolerant of most water retaining media devoid of nutrients. Popular media include peat moss, long fiber sphagnum moss, and horticultural sand, and perlite mix.

Notes: Venus Flytraps have a winter dormancy where the plant’s leaves die back. This is important since it allows the plant to grow much bigger the next season. When dormant water less and keep in a cool place with good ventilation to prevent rot. The plants require very little light in this period. Cold hardy to around 0 Celsius provided the temperature does not fluctuate from freezing to thawing too often.

Hello! If you are a customer of ours or just a visitor of the website, please enjoy these care instructions! They are simple and have been adapted from multiple sources and our experiences as growers in Burnaby, British Columbia. We are always learning and adding to them as we discover more methods to grow these awesome plants! We have grown venus flytraps for many years on windowsills, under grow lights, and outdoors, and have had a lot of growth using these methods.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, amendments, or concerns. We would be happy to provide more resources, or chat with you! We will update these instructions periodically and add more resources to reference so please come back soon!

Happy Growing!

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