Venus Flytraps


Elio’s Garden is a nursery in Coquitlam B.C., specializing in carnivorous plants. We strive to ensure that you always get great-quality plants, with the information you need to grow them successfully. We began with a love of the natural world and amazement at our planet’s diversity, ending up with a collection of awestriking plants.
Elio is the name of our company director’s grandfather. Elio facilitated our director’s interest in the beauty of nature and plants with his garden and explanations of natural phenomena. Elio happens to mean “God of the sun” in Greek, or in Italian “sun”; an essential for plants! Some things are meant to be.


We want to do more than just bring you plants that make you happy. We want to make sure the plants themselves are happy too.

Efforts to conserve carnivorous plants, plant more trees, restore ecosystems and assist seedbanks are in the works! We hope you will help us on this journey!


Sustainable practice

Some of our small but important changes we feel like we should share!

Elio’s Garden seeks to reduce its waste as much as possible. We try to do this in a way that will save our customers money as well. This means less waste for the environment, cheaper plants, and more plants in general (isn’t that the goal hehe).

Here are some of the ways we are trying to do this:

  • Growing our own long fibre sphagnum moss
  • Reusing plastic bags for plant go-bags
  • Reusing pots
  • Reusing boxes and trays

Special thanks to B.C. Communications and Canada Wide Communications for allowing us use of their equipment at the Coquitlam Farmer’s Markets.

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