Drosera binata (Forked Sundew)

Drosera binata (Forked Sundew)


Drosera binata is an interesting carnivorous sundew. Its catching abilities and unique shape make it an interesting plant to grow.

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Drosera are a carnivorous plant that use specialized leaves coated in sticky dew to lure, trap, and digest insects. There are many species of sundew – the genus (Drosera) can be found growing in every continent except Antarctica. Drosera are good at catching small flies like fruit flies and fungus gnats, while they are no replacement for pesticide or exterminators, they are pretty fun to have around and make good companions for houseplant collections. Fungus gnats, often found in houseplant soil make good snacks for these plants.



The Drosera binata is one of the largest sundews! Though the plants do their best with lots of light, Drosera binata are can do well growing on a windowsill. When plants are healthy they are extra attractive and sticky. Lots of sticky dew is a good sign of a healthy sundew. The plants we sell are roughly 12cm across and should be grown in a 8.9cm (3.5″) pot. Instructions can be found here on how to care for these plants! Sundews are definitely our best-selling plants, when the plant is healthy its beautiful dew and bright colour are just a few of its best qualities. This pot often has Utricularia growing in its soil which can help catch microscopic organisms in the soil while producing beautiful flowers periodically.



This plant will ship without a pot with roots wrapped in media surrounded by a damp paper towel. Please refer to the care instructions for preferred media and care information if you are just learning to take care of these plants.

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